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The failure to catch and intervene on Serious Mental Illness relapses costs $22 billion in hospitalization costs annually in the United States. Mental Health Metrics Early Detection Technology™ (EDT) can reduce those costs by up to 50% with the first demonstrable, provable, and patentable methodology to catch and intervene at the earliest phase of a Serious Mental Illness event for those diagnosed with schizophrenia and severe bipolar condition. Mental Health Metrics takes a quantitative approach to identify patient status over time, providing a continuous record of symptoms. This data is sent to the patient’s provider team who can intervene prior to observable relapse symptoms, improving patient care at significantly lower cost.

Early Detection Technology™ (EDT)


Mental Health Metrics (MHM) addresses the complex problems of the patients with schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder, and bipolar disorder with psychosis. MHM’s Early Detection Technology™ (EDT) solution provides a technology for the active participation of individual patients and their families, provides quantitative measures of their mental illness, and identifies ideal times for treatment teams to intervene to prevent costly relapse crises. Upon empirically identifying the timing of high-risk episodes, i.e., impending relapse events, EDT signals care givers to implement intervention strategies. Like a residential smoke detector, EDT triggers treatment sequences before human observation can identify the need. Earlier detection of a patient’s impending crisis makes recovery both more efficacious and less expensive. Once the patient has been stabilized, EDT easily adapts to the process of recovery. In an Alpha Test at Stairways Behavioral Health, EDT achieved a 97% reduction in costs of care for a small sample of individuals.

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The Team

Executive Team


Cassie Ruane, CEO - BA (Math), MA (History & Philosophy of Science), MBA (Tepper/CMU). Mental Health Metrics This is Cassie’s third start-up. She has twenty years’ experience in mental health market.

Jim Fontana, CFO/CIO - BS (Notre Dame Chemical Engineering), MBA (University of Pittsburgh). NOVA Chemicals Senior Project Engineer. ARCEL Business Development Manager, optimized asset utilization to meet market needs and drive improved profitability. 

James Bauerle, Chairman - BA (Oberlin), JD (Cornell University). Jim has been an active member of the business and legal community in Western Pennsylvania since 1979. In 2006, he wrote the feasibility study for, incorporated, and served as founding general counsel for TriState Capital (NASDAQ: TSC), the most successful new banking company in the U.S. in the last 20 years. 

Lou Camerlengo, CIO - President, Five Star Development, Inc. Lou has provided custom software development and training services for twenty years to a wide range of organizations. Five Star has been twice ranked as an INC. 5000 company, twice named a Top 100 Best Workplaces in Pennsylvania.

Clinical Advisors


Shaun Eack, Advisor, Beta Test - David Epperson Professor at the U. Pittsburgh, School of Social Work. In conjunction with the Department of Psychiatry Shaun will lead the Center for Interventions to Enhance Community Health, the first of its kind to bridge social work and health sciences for community based research. 

Catherine G. Greeno, Ph.D., Principal Investigator - University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work, Associate Dean for Research.

John Patzer, Advisor, Algorithm - Associate Professor Bioengineering and affiliated with Departments of Surgery and Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. 

Edward P. Mulvey, Ph.D. Advisor, Youth and Violence - Professor of Psychiatry, Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic.

Stephen Christian Michaels, M.S. Advisor, Clinical implementation - Chief Strategy Officer, Wesley Family Services and CEO at Family Services of Western Pa. Emeritus Board Member, the Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association and Past President.

Board of Directors


Cassie Ruane, CEO, Mental Health Metrics

William McCarthy, MA & FSWP, CEO Stairways Behavior Health (retired) Forty years Community Mental Health Administration. 

The Rev. Chad Tanaka Pack, M.S., M.Div., Board of Directors - Finance and Accounting. CPA (former VP Goldman Sacks, Finance & Accounting).

Robert W. Goode, Marketing. Mellon Bank Senior VP (retired).

Jon Lloyd, M.D. & Paul Freund, MA, Recovery Methods.