Early detection technology for relapse prediction and better patient outcomes

The ability to predict relapse in an individual is almost nonexistent in community based clinical practice until the individual is overtly symptomatic, all too often then requiring much higher levels of care and or crisis intervention.

Data collection detection tools to prediction relapse

Affected persons meet weekly (in person or remotely) with a clinician or certified peer counselor to complete the data collection survey. The data is collected, stored, and analyzed using the MHM platform and proprietary patent pending mathematical method and returned to the entire treatment team. In the case of an impending crisis an alert is sent to the clinicians for intervention. These alerts occur at least two weeks prior to a crisis.

e-Trend and e-Detect

Multi technology
platforms and
proprietary predictive

Projects trends
and predicts relapse
at 90% for persons with schizophrenia
and schizo-affective disorder

Enhances clinical
and community
based care for such

The missing
link in real
world care

Mental Health Metrics (e-Trend™ and e-Detect™) stands alone in the digital mental health service sector with 100% sensitivity and application to schizophrenic psychosis.